Podcast Artwork

Over the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure of being asked to design primary show artwork for a handful of podcasts. I listen to hours of podcasts on a daily basis - so getting to stretch my non-UX creative muscles with these is always tons of fun!

RomComPods Season 3: Showmance
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Illustration of tired-looking woman sitting at a table next to a microphone wearing headphones and smiling down at a child who is playing with the tangled headphone cord. Lettering at the top says "Good Inside with Dr. Becky."
Good Inside with Dr. Becky
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Illustration of a hand holding AUX cords and flowers together like a bouquet.
Pod People's Podcast (for People Who Make Podcasts)
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Illustration of a man playing acoustic guitar and a woman holding a cell phone and coffee, in front of a voting button with the words "Vote for Love."
RomComPods Season 2: Vote For Love
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Abstract line illustration of a woman's face with one eye made of a flower and other decorative flowers beside her.
Traveling Homebody Podcast
Illustration of a text message conversation, with one person asking "Can we all come out now?" and a typing ellipses from the other person.
Can we all come out now?
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Two neon-colored cartoonishly illustrated mouths open wide as if screaming in front of a starry galaxy background.
The Escape List
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Illustration of a man and woman on an aqua moped with smoke exhaust coming out in the shape of a heart.
RomComPods Season 1: Honeymoon for One
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